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Jun 05

Watch_Dogs (E3)

Intrigued? It seems like a lot of games at E3 2012 are reboots, prequels and sequels. Watch_Dogs is not one of those. In fact, it is a brand new IP from Ubisoft. In development for over two years, this open world game looks like a dark and gritty Grand Theft Auto… but better. The world …

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Jun 04

Getting Medieval in HD

Ever wondered what a fully armed and armored knight thundering towards you with blood in his eye and an axe in his hand might look like? Don’t worry if you can’t quite picture it, because Paradox Interactive has decided to show you. War of the Roses, the bloody new PC title from Paradox, has released …

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Jun 01

Taking Up Arms in the Miner Wars 2081 & MMO

Recently I got my hands on the new game being developed by Keen Software House and had a chance to take their shiny new spaceship for a spin. Fans of the old space shooter Descent should feel right at home in the Miner Wars universe. Miner Wars 2081, and its multiplayer counterpart the Miner Wars …

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May 31

Delve Into the Last Half of Darkness

Fans of the old point and click style horror mysteries finally have a new title hitting their digital shelves this week. On Monday, publisher Iceberg Interactive (one of Europe’s premier online game publishers,) along with developer WRF Studios (creators of the Last Half of Darkness series,) released a digital download version of their newest game, …

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May 26

LucasArts to Announce New Star Wars Franchise Next Week

An article released by this Friday reported that LucasArts is planning to unveil a new Star Wars franchise. So far there is no word as to what console the game will be released on, or even what the new franchise will be about. Spike TV will be doing the unveiling on their GTTV show …

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May 22

Diablo III Report Card

Eleven years have passed since Diablo II: Lords of Destruction was released and Blizzard is bringing evil back to the realm of Sanctuary in a big way. In Diablo III, the king of dungeon crawlers returns with new classes, fresh faces, and old rivals. I installed the new release hoping I would be able to …

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